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the what if's of life

what if ..... We thought twice before we spoke once what if ..... We noticed the little things around us what if ..... Please and thank you were as critical as breathing what if ..... We appreciated people before we lost them  what if ..... No-one suffered as a result of the greed of others what if ..... Loyalty was recognized for the big deal that it is what if ..... We all practiced patience ... and kindness ...... and gentleness what if ..... We slowed down .... our speaking, our thinking, our lives what if ..... We found time for God at the start and end of every day what if ..... We left behind our arrogance and our pride in dealing with others what if ..... We thanked God every day for the people who stand unfailingly by us what if ..... We showed a little more sympathy and empathy and a little less harshness what if ..... We judged ourselves by the stringent rules we lay down for others what if ..... We tried to say good morning & good night unfailingly to those we care for what if .....…