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ranger romeos

Just came back from what could only be described as an outstanding, amazing, relaxing and fun just over a day spent at Silver Streams Lodge and Spa off the beaten track into the bush on the outskirts of Modimolle.  WOW. 

Now part of our very decadent stay there ..... me and BFF ..... and when I say decadent I mean massive spa bath in our room ...... I lay in there like something out of a Marilyn Monroe movie, flicking foam bath with my toes while being tossed around in the water like a potato boiling in a pot (there has to be a sexier description ???) ...... 5 star cuisine, excellent personalised service because we were 14 guests in total .... heaven. 

And then the game drive.  I have been on a lot of them .... at a great variety of places .... and let me tell you .... this guy knew his story!!  I recently stayed (as a gift) at a very very expensive Game Lodge, and although we had a rhino within touching distance of our vehicle, the ranger did not give close to as much info as this guy …

silly sunday stuff

ok sometimes we need to just laugh ..... so tonight i was having a good giggle with these and decided to share them ....... (huge thanks to randy glasbergen who many of these are done by ... love his work!!)

till next time
c'est la vie xxxx

so not sewing

Yesterday while having a coffee break with colleagues at the office we were speaking about my skirt with its built in petticoat which seemed determined to always be hanging out the sides of the slits in my skirt.  At this point one of my friends commented ...."why don't you just stitch it, or actually put a "now I can't even remember what she called it" at the top at the same time to make it less mobile".

She said it as if she had said why don't you take a pen out of your drawer, or reverse out your parking.
I can bake, I can write, I can fundraise, I can do a lot of stuff.

Sewing is not one of them.  I am officially sewing disadvantaged.

And I am not referring to the fact that I cannot make a dress or fix a problem like my petticoat, I mean that the thought of hemming a school skirt or sewing on a button leaves me traumatised.

When I was younger, much younger, I decided to enrol at Knit Wit .. anyone remember them?  You went to basic sewing classes us…

mom's boy

Now I have to tell you, I liked things way more when I was the centre of Nic's attention when it came to females. 
Mom was the best thing since sliced bread!!  I do the driving to and from sport, I see most of the matches, I ensure the cricket whites are bleached white, the soccer kit clean (sometimes the rest of the team's as well), I transfer the pocket money, I buy what he needs for school, I stop for McDonalds when he asks etc etc.  And I work.  Life was perfect. 

Then he went to High School in January.  And this is when my grip started to slip.  Because the enemy or should I say enemies, appeared on the horizon.  GIRLS.

Now Nic used to have rather a "non committal" look on his face when it came to girls.  Lately I have noticed that look is not so "oh I never noticed them" anymore.  I am not happy.  Now sometimes when I am speaking to him I notice he is looking over my shoulder not directly at me and when I turn around am likely to find some girl/s also at…

trust me because i promise you

Such a little word.  5 letters.  But such huge meaning.  
Trust me.  I trust you.  Trust them.  Trusting.  Trusted. 
All extensions of those 5 letters.  But all come down to that same thing ....

goes hand in hand with another interesting group of letters. 

I promise. 
 8 letters.  Huge meaning. 
I promise (always). I promise (and actually mean it).  I promise (for the next 24 hours).  I promise (I don't actually). 
Promises. Promised. Promising.  All extensions.  But all comes down to that thing .... 

It is quite amazing how in some circumstances life has become so superficial that those 2 phrases, Trust and I promise, are bandied about so casually. 

In my house when you say "I promise", you better be damn sure you mean it.  In today's world of BBM, Twitter, Whatsapp, Facebook and a growing plethera of social media, very often you can utter that phrase via one of those, and somehow when you don't have to actually look someone in the eye as you utter …

stupid cupid stop picking on me :)

So by now the fat little cherub must have laid down his bow and arrow and be preparing for a good night's rest after what must have been a busy day for him. 
Aaah Valentine's ..... or as a friend of mine put on Facebook today ... "Some people call today Valentine's, I call it Thursday".  
When I went downstairs at the crack of dawn this morning, there on the kitchen table I found a beautiful miniature rose bush, blood red, with a pink bow on it.  As I kissed hubby thank you he reminded me with a very straight face that he would "take the kiss", but had no idea where the rose bush had come from.  I wonder ....... mmmmm 
So now that my kids have gone and come back from school in shades of red and white clothing, returning with a teddy (her) and balloon from an anonymous girl (him) ... we have all been reminded that love is still very much alive and well in the hearts of all ....... and romance ...... well, who doesn't like a little romance?
Of course my d…

simply socks

In our laundry I have a plastic tub and in that tub are 28 socks.  Not 14 pairs of socks. Not 28 pairs of socks.

Just 28 socks.  Unrelated socks. Single socks.

Now I am positive that I purchase socks in pairs.  And I am positive that my family wear the socks in pairs.  I don't think anyone in this house goes out with odd socks and I have never seen any family member leave here with only one sock on.

I have considered that perhaps when my family are en route home they take off one sock and toss it out the window.  Or toss it in the bin when they get home, but I am pretty sure they arrive home with and remove 2 socks.

So I decided to address the problem at Laundry level.  I instructed aforementioned family members to  put their two socks into a pair inside each other and put in the basket.  When washing I will unravel so I am sure that both socks hit the water.   Now this appeared to work initially ... I would ensure that when they came out the machine they hung side by side like a…

hot or not

Now they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  I am really interested in this.  Some take that beauty to be simply on the outside, some judge beauty by what is on the inside, some judge by a mixture of the two. 

Some find traits such as warmth, kindness, empathy, honesty, a sense of humour to be amongst the most beautiful traits, whilst for others it is only the outer "package" of a person that makes them attractive. What you can show off to your friends.

What about decency, being true to your word, not shunting others around simply because you think you can etc etc ........well those lie pretty high up on my list of what makes people, both men and women, attractive.  If you are just an all round decent human being, that is kind and gentle and caring and you mix this with a mischievious glint in your eye, then I will be hooked. If you can not deliberately hurt me in any way ..... I will be your friend for life!

But just in the interest of playfulness and judging mainly fro…

can i NOT have the bill please

So today i had a mini disaster.  One of those that sound like a real "sob story" .... ridiculous but very very true.  It just begs to be a blog ......

So I drop Nic off at his club soccer practice and because I have about 80 mins to kill I decide to go and sit at the shopping centre opposite the field and have coffee while I get an hour of work in on my IPad. 

All went well.  I got a respectable amount of work done, I drank 2 great cappuccinos and it was a nice quiet "gather my thoughts" time. 

Then it went wrong. 

I called for the bill, lent over to take out my purse from my bag .... my purse, where the hell was my purse?  I told myself to relax as it had to be there but you can only re-pack a space so many times to realise that your large pink and orange purse is definitely not there.  I had taken it out to make a copy of my ID and left it on my desk!  As I was now still only moderately hyperventilating, I left my book and something else at the table and told them I …

driving miss jessie

Driving lessons.  yes I am, after ALL these months, in fact more than a year, back at this subject.  

The drivee, namely Jess, is now 18.  Which means she can legally get a licence.  We need the learner's licence, 2 ID photos, her ID book with a copy, the money and her to make an appointment to get it done.  We do have the 2 ID photos, her ID book with a copy, the money and her.  We also know where to make the appointment.  What we do not however have, is a learner's licence.  Because we lost it?  No ..... because the drivee, namely Jess, has not taken the test yet. The test which one can take when one turns 17. 

Now understand, I am quite happy to cart her around.  In fact, more than happy not to cut this apron string yet.  But ...... when she gets into chef school, and starts in January, she will have to be mobile as the class and restaurant hours are such that she will need her own wheels .,.,, and be able to operate them :)

Taking the learner's test has not been without h…

fitting in the fitting room

Now who the hell designed clothing fitting rooms?  A total moron is my guess!

There is nothing, and I mean NOTHING flattering about trying anything on in these rooms irrespective of your height, build, sex or style of dressing. Now most of them have curtains, usually with rings on a rail.  For some bizarre reason these curtains don't all close to the end of the rail so you always have the 5 - 10cm peephole (although a few stores have gone deluxe and have wooden doors) and then there are those with the doors that come sort of midcalf.  I especially don't enjoy standing in the queue and watching other people step out of their clothing in that 30cm opening at the bottom of the door --- great planning whoever you are!!

Now once in there, clutching your little perspex number (I went in with Jess the other day, she got a number 3 for her 3 items of clothing and I got a number 0 because I walked with......... I mean what they going to do?  Frisk me?), you hang your choices up on those …