Tuesday, 6 February 2018

My life. My joys. My choices.

So.  Moms have superpowers.  I am not saying that dads don’t, but moms ....... moms have superpowers. 

Last week I had one more crazy than normal day at work (and they are usually crazy on a normal day) ... lots of stuff ...... plenty of it intense .... lots of bookkeeping .... a nonstop phone and many walk-ins. Just for fun I also had a Barium XRay on Friday.  And a wonderful push a pipe down into your throat thing on Thursday.  And a scan on Wednesday.   You should really try all that if you are bored and want to do something revolting. 

I stayed an hour extra (sometimes you just cannot stop halfway in something) and then did the 35 min drive home in the traffic thing. 

Then started the very diverse evening ...... by the time I flopped down to watch some TV at 10pm, I had tinted Jess’ hair, written the outline of two other blogs, picked up the pizzas from Romans, read 24 more pages of my Alex Cross novel and counselled a young person who contacted me for help.  My life is never boring.  Ever. 

Just as Nic got his licence, after getting his car, Jess moved back from CT and got a job as Manager at a Greek bistro near to my office.  She gets a chance to develop menu dishes there and is playing a pivotal role in the development of an updated menu. She is as happy as can be.  This however means that she, of the has a car she cannot drive as she has not got a licence, now needs to be dropped by me in the mornings.  At 630am.  They open at 645am and by them they need to be up and running in every way.  So I ditched leaving home at 630am in the morning to drop Nic at school, for leaving at 6am to drop Jess at Cafenio.  Just when I thought my 17 years of driving them in the mornings was done. 

The bonus of this however, is the fact that I get to have brekki and great coffee every morning while I am around killing time till our office opens.  I have been coming here for 2 years, it is a nice feeling to look up now and see my daughter interacting with customers.  She is fabulous.  We are making up for missed time in the 3 years she was in CT. 

Then of course on Thursday night I also did a Wedding rehearsel with a young couple.  It started 30 mins late as they waited for a substantial amount of family and friends who all wanted to be there and we only finished at 845pm.  It was loud and busy and the couple was so nervous.  Then well into the evening, the couple realized that they had not had their 3 Unity candles made for the wedding.  Which was taking place less than 48 hours later.  So there I found myself on Friday evening, with white candles, turning them into appropriate wedding candles with ribbon and silver writing etc etc.  They looked beautiful.  Even if I say so myself. 

Fri night I had planned to go to a local craft and food market with a young friend, but the heavens opened and we swopped it last minute for movies and a very late night Mc Donalds (yes I know we should not eat Mc Donalds).  I kept hoping I would not doze off in the movie. 

So Saturday I turned into a “yes you can wear your pyjamas the whole day” kind of day.  I lay on the couch reading and watching Catch Up on DSTV and I never felt bad at all.  Hubby and both kids were working and it was just me and the dogs (and the cat and hedgehog but they are more aloof when it comes to me). 

Today it was back to normal.  Back and forth.  Last night I had a proclaimers course at the church till 830pm, tomorrow night I am going to dinner at a very special parishioner and her family.  Nic has started training with his new soccer team and soon Saturday afternoons will be taken up with me being a soccer mom again.  I love it. 

I realize that I need to always be discerning about what keeps me busy, and why.  A while ago a close friend, who regularly tells me what to do, and I adore him for it, suggested that i do that.  Discern.  Do not do stuff because you feel you have to.  Do not do stuff that fills your time so much that is stresses you.  Do not do stuff because it makes others happy, but you unhappy. 

It was a difficult process.  But discern I did.  And discern I do.  Sometimes I still have to do something i am not overly excited about, but for the most, I give thought to what I say Yes to.  And I think well before I offer to do something. 

It has been wonderfully liberating. 

Now I am doing the same with people who sap the joy from me.  No matter who they are.  I cannot be around people who make me feel like I am going to have an anxiety attack every time I am with them.  I won’t spend large amounts of time with people with whom I am always on edge.  I am not a drive-by friend. You cannot just drift into my life when you need me, and then complain if you do not get my attention.  

So now let me go, because one of the things I offered to do, is calling for my attention. 

Till soon
Be good to yourself

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