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counting my blessings

Teenagers are awesome.

Yes they are also trying, irritable, irritating, cocky, opinionated and wise for days.  Yes they put their washing next to the basket, they leave glasses in the lounge and they twist you around their little fingers.  But they are also wise, witty, lovable, loving, good company.  And yes, in the case of boys, man can they eat.

Since my daughter moved to CT in Dec for 6 months to complete her professional chef's training - we have our dear 16 year old son on his lonesome ownsome here at home.  And that has been all at once amazing and interesting.

Now boys have their own inner clock.  They can stay up till 2am, then they sleep until 2pm.  A bit like bats.  Then my dear one rolls out of bed to consume 322g of Pronutro which requires 2.5lit of milk to get into any consumable form.  This is usually washed down with 2 viennas.

Naturally this is during the holidays ... in term he is out of here at 615 daily.

He has become my Saturday crossword buddy at Abreu whil…


352 days of being brave.  Smiling. Pretending to be ok.
352 days of giving my all to everyone.
352 days of chin up, loyalty to everyone, love and being me.

And then it took just 15 minutes to finally break me.

my favourites

Just like "Sound of Music" says "these are a few of my favourite things":

Rich creamy cappuccinos at Harissa Bistro Hot and strong cappuccinos at Grounded at EchoBagels with pastrami and honey mustard at AromaHaircuts and colour at Red Carpet Hairdressing (yes you Michelle) Monthly payday breakfast with a friendAnything at all at Sorbet The Club salon Regular swims at Hillcrest Seattle Coffee at the Colbyn CaltexModern Family .... Cam just kills me Hit the Floor - Nic and I glued to this Pizza Pizza and more Pizza .... currently Dominos is my fav Dr Adriaan Liebenberg's Brain Surgeons Diet Heels --- no girl should be without themBling.  As in glitter and all things shiny Reading at least 2 novels a month Nailpolish Soft fluffy fleece blankets from Woolworths (wishlist!!) InstagramWimpy icecream cones Adoration hour So what are yours? 
c'est la vie xxx

Puppet on a String

Lent has been good to me and for me this year.  The prayer happens naturally for me so more prayer and more reflection came naturally too.  The sacrifice was a mixed bag for me.  I gave up something tangible ... Facebook .... for a week before Lent already .... this was huge for me .... I felt cut off from my friends and they felt cut off from me.  I missed the socialising ... because through this I know who is healthy, who is ill, what good and what sadness happens in people's lives .... I love photos and I love seeing other people's pics so this was a big prob for me .... also not being able to post mine.  And I missed my overseas friends as we shared our lives on here.  But it got easier .... and I will be happy to be back on the 5th of April I am honest. 

However the big thing for me was what my reflection brought me .... it taught me something and it gave me the opportunity to give up some things .... and many of them pertained to me and how I run my life ... or let others…

50 Shades of Karin

There is a reason why many woman wear Speedo one piece costumes, or similar,when training in an Olympic size pool.  

I am not referring to those with record times who are training as part of their sports schedule - they are the ones who arrive, flex and roll their shoulders, snap on their swimming caps and goggles, splash themselves with some of the pool water before getting in and then swim 10 x 50m at a good pace, whilst looking relaxed.  I have the same look when I lie on the couch watching The Fixer and eating my pre-weighed 20g of microwave popcorn. 

No, I am referring to those women of all ages, who like me, are there to swim up and down for health and exercise reasons.  No, we do not stop halfway in the 50m, we swim all the way.  Yes we stop on either end to catch our breath but try to limit it to 30 secs.  They provide a big-ass clock there which is counting the seconds so you can measure your speed, but it is no good if you wear glasses as you cannot see the clock then.  I have…

Emotional Eating & Slaying my Addiction

I am an emotional eater. 
I am emotional.
I am an eater. 

I am all 3 but not always at once. 

I realised now as I enter the 4th week of the #brainsurgeonsdiet #16weekchallenge, that just as Dr Adriaan says in his book - I will never be a thin person.  I will lose weight, yes, and I may "become" a thinner person / thin person but I will always be a "former fat person".  As a food addict & sugar addict (which is even different from just being overweight or eating too much), I am now getting to grips with the extent of that addiction and as my exercise regime increases, and my weight decreases, I realise that what he says is very true.  I will always have to be vigilant, I will always have to keep my kilojoules in check and count them, I will always have to maintain the exercise.  

Just like any other addiction (and yes I am aware that other addictions are way more seriously taken), I cannot walk away from the "former" title.  Food and sugar addictions lead t…