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Sugar rushes, birthday cakes, growing up and other stuff

Birthday parties. Life as we know it.
No matter what stage of life we are in, or what age, somewhere, sometime, we all attend them and host them.
I remember going through the plethora of kid’s parties.Spur was the most common choice.Almost right the way through from Gr 0 to Gr 5, moms (and sometimes dads) sat on those brown leather seats and chatted, whilst kids played in the play area, chasing each other, shrieking and only coming back for the party meal of a hamburger, a drink and an icecream.Sugar rushed and tired we ended the day (and that was just the parents).
My darling kids liked nothing more than a party at home, in the back garden.We had Clamber Club come over and build a lot of obstacle courses in the yard.We had the Pta Zoo bring their travelling zoo of tiny animals and reptiles to give a talk and allow the kids to touch the animals as well as all the types of skins the zoo staff brought along.It was a hit.We did have to ensure that our wailing dogs were kept inside.It would…