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the Deacon, the pause and God's timing

Today I had a wonderful long discussion at work with a colleague.  He is a Deacon but also has grown into a really thoughtful friend.  I did my Lifeline Counselling Course along with him and so through some very personal sharing and much counselling role-playing I got to know him a lot better. I have worked with him for a couple of years now and today again I realised the great gentleness with which he approaches others - do not think the word arrogant can ever ever ever be mentioned in the same line as his name.  He reminds me of the gentle lapping of a wave .... gentle and steady.   His wife is part of the Lifeline team and is often in the office as well and they are as well suited as cappuccinos are to almond biscotti :) 

He and I got into a discussion this morning about the mysterious ways in which God works, and how things always work in His time.  This is something that my friends know I say at least twice a week ... all in His time.  Something that occurred on Sunday had a knock…

so are you the laughing, crying, moaning, joyful, angry, silly or thankful one?

Been thoroughly perplexed lately about what makes some people tick.  Or if they tick at all.  

I have a very diversified life ... besides the blogging and the being a wife and a mom and planning a party and trying to read a lot and keeping up with social media and drinking coffee, I also have a job that is very different ... it varies from the phone answering, to buying stock ... from receiving clothes and food for the Outreach to buying cleaning materials ... from Baptism, Funeral and Wedding records and marriage preparation of admin to buying coffee, returning newspapers to suppliers and polishing my desk.  No two days have ever been the same.
For fun I handle a mountain high pile of admin and 213 other things each week pertaining to my job. 

So throughout my life I know and meet and interact with so any people for so many reasons.

Some care a lot and show it
Some care a lot and will rather be pierced in the eyes than let you know it.  Do they tick at all?
Some do not care two hoots and y…

We are the parents. And this is back to school.

You can recognize us.  We all look the same.  Some of us have a teenager or young child or several in tow.  Some of us come alone.  We are easily identifiable.  We are all clutching an A4 paper with a printed issued list.  We all wear the same expression.  A mix of excitement at finding most of what we need.  A certain look of desperation and tiredness about the items that are on back order.  Our eyes all carry the same look.  Fear.  In our heads we are adding up the totals.  We have had the same look in the other store.  A longer printed list.  More fear.  More pushing and shoving. 

We are the parents.  The former are in the book supplier store, buying textbooks.  The latter are in the stationery stores.  We all have similar needs.  Hardcover 192 pg Quire books, Flip files, Quotation folders, Highlighters, Maths Sets (have you noticed you can buy one every year and every year either the compass or protractor goes missing), Sticky plastic, sellotape and more.  

You find us in the school…

Angry. And that is ok.

Between the 1st of January and now, there have been a dozen different blogs flitting through my mind and I have written the first paragraph of each one in my mind whilst driving, working and passing my days.  However after my accident (yes I am alive, yes it was not a major calamity, yes my car can be replaced, yes there are many in a worse position ... but I am still sore, still traumatised, still battling) and I find it challenging at the moment to focus in many aspects. I cannot and will not be bombarded with a dozen questions at a time about my life because I simply close myself off when I feel I am being pushed.  I will not be forced to deal with any other issues right now because I have enough on my plate and will ...... simply close myself off.  I have a friend who always tells me he focuses on one thing at a time and only that thing.  A lesson I am being forced to learn. In a world that expects me always to be focusing on twenty. 

I learnt a valuable lesson through this all tho…