Returning ... And the wisdom of a friend

So I went on a small sojourn.  To think and regroup.  To look at what I want to blog about.  I looked at who reads my blog in which countries.  I managed to speak to some of those people simply because their comments on my blogs gave me access to their email details.  It was amazing to discover what draws them and often how people in different countries are drawn for different reasons.  Some like the humour.  Some like the pain.  Nearly all love the honesty with which I write.

The harshest critics are often those who know us the best .... Simply for the reason that they know me.  I read a lot of blogs .... Especially those that are forthright, honest, blatantly stating pain and challenges and concerns.  Sometimes I too have to remind myself that I am not part of the problem when people I know bluntly state what hurts them or has hurt them.  And I have emerged from my break more resolute than ever to remain honest ... Because it is what keeps my readers reading.  And to remind those that know me ... If you read something you think is an issue I have with you ... Please remember that if I have not, prior to the blog post, raised it with you directly, then I am not referring to you .... So don't react as if I am.

Help comes from the most amazing places sometimes.  Like the answer to a prayer.  I would probably still be pondering had it not been for a new friend, also a blogger, who completely unexpectedly contacted me on the weekend.  Our chat went back and forward for quite a while.  This person revealed some very personal things about their life to me ... Which both surprised and touched me.  And as they too are a very open and honest blogger, I listened to the advice and will be mindful of their viewpoint.

So to you, and you know who you are, Thankyou.  You alone are the reason I returned today.

Till very soon
Be an authentic you, always xxx

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