Leap of Faith and the Winds of Change for my career

So I am down to the final 10 days at Irene Homes after 5 years here.  Feels a little strange.  I am used to driving the 30kms to IH and had just started to make peace with the Etoll gantries I pass under to get here.  The ladies of the Homes, whom we take care of, have crept deeply into my heart, as have the friends I have made here over the years amongst the staff.  Mentally disabled are two words that are a natural part of my vocabulary as I spent my days Fundraising for this very worthwhile NPO. 

But God always sends opportunities in His time, and that time for me is now. 

I am going to work fulltime as the PA for a very dynamic parish priest.  We have a unique relationship and working together is going to be a big blessing in my life and the opportunity to be in and around my faith all the time.  He will tell you I am like a whirlwind of glitter and craziness ..... and he means it with great kindness.  In addition I am going to freelance as a Fundraiser, predominantly within the Catholic community. There is much need for this. 

So as one chapter draws to an end in my life, I stand on the brink of turning the page onto a new exciting chapter. 

A piece of my heart will be left at Irene Homes, and so it should be.  I would like to think that I have touched all their lives in some way.  And I will visit, because the staff say they still need to hear me shout "hello aunties" whenever I arrive.  

I am grateful.  Grateful for the time I spent there.  Grateful for my new jobs.  Grateful for God steering me where He thinks I best belong. 

Till very soon 
in a Leap of Faith 

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