Thursday, 14 August 2014

How do women dry their tears?

You know that men and women, Venus & Mars thing?  I was dubious.  I now believe it to be true.  
Now I know my girlfriends damn well .... and let me tell you, they all have their thing.  I am not talking about when they are punch you in the face angry ..... I mean when they are hurt ..... in tears ....... they do stuff. 

Now me .... to drive me to tears .... and I do not mean happy ones ...... the number one winning trigger is meanness.  Simply for the sake of being mean.   And especially if you know this and still persist.    

I have a friend who cleans house on such occasions ..... top to bottom even if it means staying up till 3am.  Everything is cleaned, floor to ceiling.  She would lift the tiles if she could.  I should have her over.  And make her cry. 

Another one irons.  Everything.  And when she runs out of ironing, she simply re-irons stuff from the cupboards.  I pray that I will never be so teary that I have a desire to iron something. 

A 3rd one drives.  Gets in her car and drives.  Like a trip to nowhere.  Music loud.  Tears streaming and she rants.  Then she goes home again. I love this idea.  But fuel is simply too expensive.  Plus I would have to go through the tollgate.  Ugh. 

Then there is eating.  Nothing like a slab of chocolate washed down with something great to lift your spirits.   Some I know of, paint.  Walls, landscapes, their nails ... whatever. 

One friend even cut up 2 of her husband's shirts and a pair of his work pants ..... Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned ne'. 

Me?  Usually I watch TV.  Catchup, programmes, soapies, movies ... I don't care.  I simply sit and watch back to back for hours.  I concentrate hard and do not let myself think of something but the story.  And crying. 

Yesterday?  I cleaned something.  A metal stand on wheels, waist high, that has 10 colourful drawers that slide into it.   It has stood in my study, untouched, for the last 6 years.  Everything in the 10 drawers is so dirty and faded it got turfed to paper pickup .... and then I scrubbed the drawers, and the stand and re-assembled it.  And now finally I have an additional place for all my glitter (someone I know is laughing), glitter pens, baubles, ribbons, tapes, scrapbooking stuff, stickers, decals, shimmer stuff, cards and on and on and on.  I truly can rival most craft stores.   

And yes I cried.  Because that is the drift of this story.  

However all's well that ends well.  I cleaned the damn rack that has been on my to-do list forever and a day.  Tomorrow is a new day.  

So ladies how do you dry your tears.  And if it involves cleaning, cooking and ironing .... you are welcome here anytime. 

till next time
c'est la vie xxx

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