Thursday, 4 January 2018

resolving not to resolve and such stuff

So, how many of your New Year resolutions have you already broken?  It is, after all, already the 5th of January.

I have given up with the resolutions thing.  What does it do?  Brings pressure.  Extra stress.  Huge expectations.  I have realized that if I need to sleep more, I need to do it now.  If I want to lose 10kg, I need to start now.  No matter whether now is Feb, June or September of a year.  The emergence of a new year gives us this false sense of a “starting point” - a belief that if you start on the first day of the new year, what can go wrong?  I am not knocking anyone for whom this works.  Just not for me.

So let me cover the highlights of the years that I did try.  Let’s take food.  So on the 1st of January I decide that I will no longer eat chocolate or drink fizzy cold drinks.  At 11am the box of Quality Street chocolates from the previous year are staring at me.  They are feeling sad because they know they are Christmas time chocolates and are worried that no-one will finish them now.  In a great act of duty and sympathy, I eat the last 8.  Surely this is an exception to breaking your resolution?

Then I try exercise.  I will exercise 3 times a week, in some form.  So I join a gym.  I go with great zeal.  Then I start experiencing problems - my gym clothes are in the wash, I cannot find my gym card, my car is low on fuel - I mean what’s a girl to do?  So I do what 60% of gym membership folks do - make a monthly donation to the gym via debit order whilst I lie on the couch eating Willards Tomato Sauce crisps.

Then my all time favorite - the “I will go to sleep 2 hours earlier every night”.  That one did not even make it past the first 24 hours when the new season of Wentworth started.  You cannot record Wentworth.  I mean you can, but I don’t want to.

Lest I forget - there was also the “this year I will always fill up my car when I get to about a quarter tank”.  Well in the 3 years that I tried that, I was given a lift to a garage in a tow truck, I was given a lift in the back of a bakkie, I once had to walk 2km to a garage lugging with me my handbag (9kg), laptop bag and what ever other valuables I did not want to leave in my car at the side of the road.  So answer your own question as to how that one went.

Another spectacular attempt was the year I decided that I would always be on time.  That one went alarmingly pear shaped.  I set my alarm so early to be everywhere that I found myself pushing the snooze button repeatedly since I “had time”.  As a result I dozed off regularly and woke up even later than normal.  Epic fail.

So this year?  I have again resolved to have no resolutions.  Things that have to be changed and improved?  They will have to be done so at the right time.

I will decide if that time is now.  Or when.

Be good to yourself.
c’est la vie


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