Everything all at once

Lent is succeeding in giving me much "pondering" time.  Even though I am still working on the "slow it down" part of my life, I am managing to try and be more "present" in what I am doing. 

I read something this week to do with Lent where it said do not do 3 things at a time, be present in the one you are doing.  If you are peeling an onion, peel the onion.  If you are watching a programme, watch the programme.  In my case it seems that I am usually peeling the onion whilst watching the programme, reading bits of my book and eating something.  I also have a conversation with either my hubby or one of my kids and can be found to be on whatsapp and facebook inbetween all this as well.  No wonder my head spins when I lie down. 

So I am currently trying to make sure that when I am writing an appeal for something, I concentrate only on that.  When I am doing administrative work, I concentrate only on that.  Same when I am driving, reading, watching a programme etc.  

In Mass I am focusing even harder on every moment.  In Adoration I try not to let my mind drift because this is often a great place to get so "drifted" that in the quiet you end up calculating your budget in your head etc.  I now spend even more time in Adoration talking to God.  Mostly out loud.  And not always in a soft, gentle tone, because sometimes I am angry when I get there, or defensive or questioning and God loves having these debates with me.  My priest says this is ok. 

So as we end the 1st week of Lent tomorrow, I pray for patience, and presence and that wonderful thing a friend told me "Slowly, slowly, be gentle with yourself". 

Till soon
c'est la vie 

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