The Winds of Change

Sometimes introspection is needed.  Sometimes we decide to do it ourselves. Sometimes God finds a way or messenger to shove us into this introspection.  Lent seems to be a good place to start this study.  In amongst the "giving things up culture" and the "give more" culture, I try to involve myself more deeply in my religion, I try and give up an extra hour or so snuggled in bed in order to make a 6am Mass, I try to be more mindful of my religion, my prayers, my prayers for others.  I try to slow down my life *although my dad said today that has not appeared to have worked in the first 5 days of Lent* ... baby steps, dad, baby steps. 

I have a friend who once wrote a blog along the lines of feeling great winds blowing towards him, the grit hitting him.  This weekend I think I felt exactly that which he had described.  I know now what I think he was trying to illustrate so vividly to his readers.  The "wind" that blew came unexpectedly and it came in a great big gust which left me reeling with grit stinging my face.    It had me crying and then questioning. It hurt me. I did not deserve to be blown over.  

However it cannot be ignored.  As I stand and dust myself off, I know that the introspection I have been pushed towards must happen.  I think God hand delivered this message to me.  So as we enter the 6th day of Lent, I will identify one thing every day off our parish's list of Fast from ...... Feast on ...... that perhaps is a weak area of mine and I will see if I can change that behaviour.  It seems like a mammoth task. But it surely begins with just one step.  I will look for guidance from those I trust with myself.  My family.  My close friends, both old and new.  My parish priest. 

I was focusing on less coffee.  Maybe I need to focus more on the above ... 

till soon
c'est la vie xxx 

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