Out of Step

I love this time of day in my office.  By 630 pm the sun is just just peeping at us before it sinks below the horizon, the intolerable heat of the past few days .... in fact past month, has subsided to something more manageable, it is already necessary to put on my office light, but sometimes the absolute quiet and serenity of my office at this time draws me to simply be present here.

Today someone came past and lent me something to read.  In a free moment I was glancing through it when my eye caught something ..... so tonight my blog comes courtesy of Oriah Mountain Dreamer's wisdom, taken from a section of her book "The Dance" entitled "Out of Step":

"In my humanness I forget that who I am IS enough, especially when I am hurt or afraid of being unloved by someone.  Immersed in the pain and fear that are part of this forgetting, I sometimes hurt another.  Yet even this failure, for which I am responsible, calls me to hold myself within my innately compassionate heart.  And I learn about an expansiveness that makes us all capable of compassion, even where we think it is impossible.  While there are important differences of degree in the injury we do one another, there too are differences in kind.  This is what makes our ability to hold others in our heart, even when we commit hurts against them, and ourselves".

Further on she continues:

"Life is full of opportunities to really hurt one another, life is full of opportunities to then be annoyed Be aware of what it would feel like to put that person out of your heart.  Replay the incident and decide if you can try and see why they behaved like they did.  Was it careless, reckless?  Consider the times that you must have, under different circumstances behaved hurtfully, carelessly or recklessly."

The cover reads as follows:

"Take me to the places on the earth
that teach you how to dance,
the places where you can risk
letting the world break your heart.
And I will take you to the places
where the earth beneath my feet
and the starts overhead
make my heart whole
and again"

till soon
c'est la vie

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