So, here is the thing ....... Penguin Books SA (now becoming PenguinRandomHouse) is one of my favourite webpages and Facebook pages.  I enter all their book competitions and have been quite lucky which is great for an avid reader like me.

Dr Adriaan Liebenberg, a SA neurosurgeon, wrote a book called "The Brain Surgeon's Diet" in which he explains that your brain can also be trained to assist in whipping your body into shape.  There is a semi-complicated sum of working out, based on height and weight (ok that did make me nervous), how many kj you should eat in a day.  The sum is simply to indicate that you need to eat less that that to lose weight and you need to include exercise which will help you lose faster by speeding up your Metabolic Base Rate ...... I also learned that you need to cut down 32 000 kj for every kg of weight you lose.  Similarly the lower the carbs the better.

So they launched the #brainsurgeonsdiet #16weekchallenge and I jumped at the chance .... perhaps having to do it a bit more publically via social media will prompt me to think before eating stuff.

The registration form also meant you had to have a full length photo taken with a newspaper to show the date, plus a photo of your scale when you are on it (that proved to be somewhat traumatic) with the newspaper hooked under it to again confirm the same date.  I will admit that getting a focused picture was somewhat tricky.

Now that is in and I wait for the starter's gun from Penguin for the 16 weeks to start.  In return we have to Tweet / Instagram / Facebook daily with their hashtag on how it is going.

So there it will be .... out there .... I am expecting / hoping / determining that it will go well, most of the time.  But a start has to be made.  And this seems to be a good place.

till soon
c'est la vie

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