kilojoules, calculations, salami and other fun stuff

So I read The Brain Surgeon's Diet book twice before I started the challenge.  I re-read a great deal of it yesterday and again today.

I carry it with me 24/7 and bound to it with an elastic is my new friend, the notebook, in which I strictly follow the little verse "if you bite it, you write it".  By keeping it with me I ensure that I don't forget because it is so easy to slip a sweet into your mouth or eat an apple and forget.

Even after only 2 days I already know the exact kj when I have a coffee with frothed milk, I know what a spoon of sugar counts as, I even found out something today - pumpkin seeds ..... yo .... that 50g came at  quite a high price.  So you think when you chew on seeds all day it is ok?  Can you see me .... I am shaking my head ..... not ok!

I started over-keen yesterday and so found myself at 4pm nauseous as hell (too little food) and when I got home and updated my booklet I found that I had so many kj's left that no normal person could eat that in one go.  I learnt 2 things ..... when Dr Liebenberg says space your food over 6 meals ... he meant it :) and also that I must write as I eat, not write at lunchtime and in the evening.  When you write each time, you always know where you are.   I prefer to not be nauseous.

Today I discovered that I had it a little wrong .... after finishing up the BMR calculation and converting it to kj .... I knew how much I could eat to stay the same ..... I worked out that by cutting out 2500 kj and adding 1 hour exercise I would work steadily, according to the calculation, towards my target weight.  But then I accidentally took that 2500 kj and deducted it twice.  Nearly starved myself all over again.

So I have notes all over your book Dr L and I recalculated all my "what I put in my mouth" things and now I am on track.

Today was Day 1 of Bootcamp and I was so keen.  However the heavens are about to open and due to lightening, the class was cancelled.  I remain hopeful for tomorrow!!  I have warned the instructor that there is a possibility that I will not survive the training and that she should check my phone under ICE for all the people she should phone.

So here I am - clutching my roll with cheese, tomato, salami and lettuce .... yes I know it comes to 1494kj ..... and in my head I am already seeing myself with less chubby cheeks and I know that it surely will feel good to wear pants without them straining.

So the #16weekchallenge is now at #15weeksand5days.

Onwards and upwards.

see you soon
c'est la vie xx

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