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So after completing her 3rd Commi practical training at a brilliant restaurant in CT, and before returning home to graduate, my daughter, also referred to as chefgirl or the shorter child, was offered a position as a demi chef at that same restaurant, to return to once she had been home to graduate and spend time with us.  

I am delighted for her to have been offered a job based on her performance and dedication during her practical period.   Why couldn't she have been less spectacular?

I am delighted that she gets to return to CT, where she still wants to see so much of it.  Why can't she just be happy with Pretoria and day trips to nearby cities and landmarks?

I am thrilled that she gets to share a flat with a friend whom she gets on so well with.  Why can't she just sleep in her room in our house? 

I know she is following her dream and doing so in a fantastically talented way.  Why could she not have wanted to be a dog walker.  

I am happy that there is in fact an airport in CT and one in Jhb and many planes between the two.  Why could she not be in a place that I could drive to in 30 mins, or even better, walk? 

Never mind .... all the latter parts of the statements above are said in jest (not) .... I wish her joy and love and passion and chef adventures and when she travels to Italy in October to take up her prize as the top student ..... why could it not have been to Durban?  


Watch her catch her dream ....  and I am delightedly proud of her and her tenacity.

Love you chefgirl

Mom xxxx

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