my image of the Church


What image comes up in your head?  A building? Home? Warmth & Love? Responsibility? Guilt? Pressure? Redemption? Joy? Anger? 

I asked a number of people to tell me the immediate word that comes to mind when I say the word "church".  It was quite fascinating how the answers differed - but somehow a thread ran through most, but not all of them. 

That thread was almost like "a place of sanctity" ..... a place that is always there, 24/7, always welcoming no matter how little we visit or if we forget to visit.  A place where we go to ask for guidance, forgiveness, wisdom, answers, direction.  A place where we can express heartfelt joy, disappointment, anger, confusion, weakness, strength and intense longing for something we find ourselves always chasing. 

The only place where you actually can, at some times, step into and be the only physically present person there, however you are never alone.  The only place where you can speak out loud when you are alone, but are not speaking to yourself only.  A place where you can take everything about yourself in total honesty without worrying about judgement, just you and God. 

My church represents all that to me.  The most blessed thing is the fact that we have Perpetual Adoration, and whilst I share my hour with 3 or 4 people who pop in and out, I am able to, every day, go and sit there and talk to God.  He may scold or frown and other times not give us an answer.  He may sometimes say No, when we want him so desperately to say Yes, but no matter what, He looks down on me with infinite love and I always leave with the great certainty that no matter how desperate my life may seem ..... He has never let my hand go. 

How blessed am I. 

Christ the King Catholic Parish
Queenswood, Pretoria 

till soon 

c'est la vie xxx 

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