allow your wedding band to irritate you

Today our Priest said a Nuptial Blessing over all the married couples during Mass - even those who were at Mass without their spouses today for whatever reason.  It was special, as were his comments about marriage, made during his Homily.  

Our Priest asked us to look down at our wedding bands - and really feel them on our fingers and become acutely aware of them.  He asked us to look at them whilst our hands are on our steering wheels and at any other time of the day.  And when we do, we must pray for our spouse.  Because he believes that married couples today do not pray for each other enough.  They pray for other married couples and other marriages, but need to include themselves, their marriages and their spouses. 

He indicated that we must be so aware of our wedding bands that it actually starts to irritate us.  That made Eug and I chuckle as I have developed an allergy to gold over the past 18 months and each time I put on my ring, I have to take it off after 3 to 4 days because of the red blistering around the area where it sits.  This after having it on my hand for almost 3 decades!  And he is on his 3rd wedding band having lost 2 down the drain.  Rings are an outward display - ours are around our hearts. 

So all my married friends and married readers - this month try and pray for your spouse literally every time you notice your ring .... remember what you said .... till death do us part.  May it be a long way away. 

c'est la vie 

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