the fantastic fabulousness of being fifty

Some people arrive at the number five zero and go into some sort of panic spiral about being more than halfway through their lives, having to only look back now and no more forward. They panic about every little line, every kg, every everything.  Some tell me they are now on the back 9 of their lives ....... jeez, where was I when all this paranoia set in? 

January 27th heralded my 50th birthday ...... I don't like it ...... I love it!!!! 

Fifty years old and: 

  • I really could not care if people like my haircut, haircolour, style of dressing, bling jewellery and love of all things bright
  • I will be as boisterous as ever, if not more so, because I see no sense in going through life muttering and apologising
  • I will not make excuses for who I am and what I do and do not like
  • I will continue to drink as much cappuccino as I can, watch as much ShowMax as possible, follow Borgias to the very last episode, watch Isidingo as I have for the last decade, eat chocolate and mangos. 
  • I will get too little sleep, laugh too loudly, love too much and probably get hurt in the process.  Yet I will not stop. 
  • I will believe in myself, dream much and live life with as much glitter as possible
  • I will not tolerate anyone who does not trust me or stand up for me when needed.  If you do not know me by now .... well then you never will 
  • I will blog, note, write and follow that path.  If you are lucky enough to receive a letter from me .... treasure it .... because if you shrug it off in silence it will never be your blessing to receive another one
  • I will love my kids and hubby until the end of the world.  I will hold dear and close to me the friends and family who would fight for me till the end of the world.  Because I will for them. 
  • I will wear lots of lipgloss, a big smile, a crazy laugh and a handbag with more stuff than most people use in a lifetime. 
I will be bright.  And colourful.  I will be 50.  I will be me. 

till soon 
c'est la vie xxx

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