All in, Donkey from Shrek, Balls to the Wall and other such notions

So it seems that I am multi-limbed, multiple personalities and a multi-tasker that needs more than one body to deal with it all. Fantastic hey?

How the hell did I get here?  

It appears there is sometimes a lot to be said for people who do just what they have to, nothing more and nothing less (or even sometimes less, if they can get away with it).  I however have not been given that gene or that personality trait or characteristic or whatever it is called.  Perhaps the title should be sometimes a sucker.

I cannot be that, nor do I want to, but good grief the habit of balls-to-the-wall (not possible but such a fabulous phrase), take whatever you heap on me, get involved, get things done, can sometimes be a piece of concrete around one's neck.  

Please, this is an observation, not a complaint, before anyone gets all twisted and hysterical.  

My darling son, he of the dry sense of humour, whilst shopping for festively coloured plastic tables and chairs for little people in our "Sunday school" at church, commented - "Mom you love a project" - he says it is very cute - I throw myself in 100%.  And I do. I don't do halves.  Anyone who really knows you will tell you - I am all in or all out.  

I am sure many many men and women reading this have seen the movie Shrek.  Remember that scene where donkey is amongst the crowd and when someone must be picked for something he is throwing his hoof up in the air shouting "Me, Me, Pick Me".  Well this is a little like that except that in addition I also seem to have "Her, Her, Pick Her".  Now if you crappy at organising and inefficient at getting things done, you don't have that. 

So like many others moms (sorry dads I cannot comment for you) I end up doing my job which places a lot of demands on me, whilst being a mom (which has a lot of work but is a massive joy in my life), being a wife, being the laundry department, baking a cake, writing my blog and several other things which demand not only my time, but my personal hand and attention.  Which is fine, but often sees me baking that damn cake at midnight. So when my husband says "are we going to sleep or are you first going to bake a cake", he actually means it.  So every now and then you will see my Instagram status saying "Can everybody just leave me alone for 5 mins".  At night I lose myself in TV series and books (inbetween re-loading the washing machine, sorting a drawer and other things simultaneously). 

Because it is my only time I have now found that watching the series, doing a crossword, being on my social media and washing and drying my hair at the same time works.  

Would I want it any other way?


Would I want to just be appreciated for this multi-tasking?


So remember if you want something done - pick the donkey from Shrek .... 

much love till next time 
c'est la vie  xxx

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