the boot contents, the variety and the mobile Makro

Let's talk about boots. 

No actually, let's talk about my boot. 

Now personally I have issues with people with empty boots.  That is freaky .... like you keeping the space open should you have to transport a body wrapped in a carpet or a large piece of furniture.  

That empty boot, with all your tools and stuff under the carpet.  And nothing on top. Weird. 

Now my hubby and son and one other friend (weird how they all guys hey) have told me (rather smugly) that my boot looks like a branch of Makro.  Personally I think that is a bit of an exaggeration.  Life happens.  And the boot content grows. 

Every other week I take my car to the car wash for that just short of a valet wash.  When I approach I already see the car wash staff, who do the inside of the vehicle and the boot, playing ching chong chi for who does mine.  It is not a game they wish to win. 

On that morning, I do empty my boot.  I either unpack it at home or into the spare garage at work.  It takes about 30 minutes.  I find all the stuff I know is there, a lot of stuff that I did not know the whereabouts of and then I also find stuff that I have no idea who it belongs to.  My husband has also suggested that Osama Bin Laden may have been hiding in there the whole time.  He also thinks we could solve the issue of "Where's Wally" by going in there. And then my ever amused boss & friend also has his 5 cents worth about what all could be lurking in there.  Every time I look for something, be it a massive thing, he suggests I check the boot first.  So glad I amuse them. 

Once the car has been washed and returned to me with a completely empty and shiny boot, the challenge of what to put back starts.  So in goes the practical stuff first - an umbrella, 14 fabric shopping bags of various designs - glittery ones, book quote ones, those made by charities etc etc. The fact that I always leave them in the car and have to pay for plastic bags is another story.  Then the Instax camera because you never know when a "moment in time" pops up.  Then my cap as I have to put one on whenever I watch Nic play sport, 2 spare magazines and a new novel for when I have time to kill (you know I am a crazy fast reader), the book I am currently on, my crossword dictionary (I am an addict), a knee rug (it is winter okay), a spare jersey (hot flushes not always present) and one or two other odds and ends. 

Then the growth begins - first a pair of sports shoes of Nic's gets left in there, and a hoodie.  Then a friend's lunch box and her sketch book.  Then a pair of shoes that till this morning we do not know whose they are. Then some friends give me items for the church Outreach which then get transported in my car.  In addition I am running the Princess Project and the items donated to that are then given to me and get transported in the .....boot. 

Then an empty Powerade bottle or two sneak in via Nic, and one of my insulated coffee mugs.  Then I print out some stuff and it ends up in there, plus the two Beelds I am still trying to get to.  A scarf.  A beanie. Some dog cookies to entice our husky from running out the gate.  Oh and of course an extra bottle of perfume.  Another jersey.  And then the random stuff ..... like a pine cone.  3 bottles of glitter (those that know me well will be laughing) or a pile of Autumn leaves.  A brochure on underfloor heating.  Really ... I live in the North, the home of natural underfloor heating. 

And so the cycle begins.  Until the next car wash. 

Yesterday I loving unpacked the boot and Nic and I went off to the regular car wash.  Which had closed as it was 3pm.  So we went to Plan B .... also closed.  Tomorrow morning I will get the car washed.  Tonight I decided to sort through the boot haul which is now in our spare room.  I have made 2 piles.  One that HAS to go with me tomorrow and one that HAS to be returned to the boot when the car comes home clean tomorrow night.  It seems to be 2 reasonable piles.  And yes, it is necessary for me to carry the entire craft box with all the glitter, bling, pens, kokis, tags etc etc with me. 

I cannot promise it will stay like that. 

On Tuesday I travelled to Jhb at noon to get stock for the Repository.  As I passed through Kensington I got stopped in a major roadblock.  I had to show my driver's licence and he checked the car licence.  He then asked me to open the boot.  I was at maximum capacity in terms of the assortment of the contents.  It was the 30th and the cop looked at it, then at me and said "My G*d mammie, are you moving?".  I told him no, it looks that way.  He replied that he would not try and look through it as he was "going off in 4 hours".  Funny guy.  My family were very amused. 

18 months ago I had a very serious motor car accident.  When the tow truck could eventually remove the cars from the scene of the accident, my hubby and 2 of my friends had to remove all the items from the car before it could be towed.  I will never forget the look of disbelief on my friend's face when he explained to me the following day how awkward it was to unpack 187kgs of stuff without any bags to put it into.  Tsk.  Such an overreaction. 

So if you pass me on the road, and have left anything at home, wave to me .... I will open the mobile branch of Makro for your perusal and possible assistance. 

Till soon 
Much love
c'est la vie xxx

picture for illustration only ... not my boot!

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