me. parkade tickets. rather not

If for any reason you ever go to a mall with me, do not under any circumstances allow me to be responsible for the parking ticket one receives at the boom.  I am not joking.  You will regret it if you do. 

When I go to any mall in the country, any other person in the vehicle except me, becomes the "responsible adult" when it comes to that ticket, irrespective of how young or old they are.  If I am alone, I park in the open area, where having to know the whereabouts of that ticket for prolonged periods of time, is not an issue.  Paying a car guard is a much cheaper exercise than paying for a lost ticket.  Repeatedly.  

And so over the years my bff, my kids, my hubby, my colleagues, my everyones have taken charge of that ticket.  I can't work out where they keep it, because every time we have to pay, they always know where it is.  Weird thing that. 

Last year I had to go to Sandton Mall.  I drove (this is why I always go with the Gautrain now).  I had one meeting there.  One.  In and out in under an hour.  I walked from the parking to his office and from there back to my car.  Somewhere in that trip someone must have stolen my ticket.  Cost = R75.

Earlier this year I ventured unaccompanied to the Kolonnade.  I had the ticket.  I promise.  I took it from the machine at the boom and clasped it between my teeth while I parked.  I am pretty sure I walked clasping it the whole time.  I figured not greeting anyone was a small price to pay for being able to see the ticket below my eyes all the time.  Someone stole it.  Cost = R25.

Then I went with my son to Junction today.  This was safe territory as he would be the responsible person.  Then it went wrong.  We were going to hand my car in at the carwash in the parking.  It is 4m from the boom.  So I held the ticket.  What could go wrong in 4m.  The carwash was full and so it meant I did not hand the ticket to them with my keys as per usual.  We had coffee.  And shopped.  And laughed.  And had fun.  I should have known it was destined to end badly.  Got to the car and I looked expectantly at the responsible adult aka my son.  He reminded me of the carwash thing.  Again ... can you believe it?  Someone had stolen my ticket!!  Cost = R30.

So what have I learnt?  Not to go to malls without other people.  No.  Not to keep the ticket in my mouth.  No.  To place the ticket in my bag immediately.  No. 

I have finally realised that the answer is simple .... to stop visiting Malls where tickets get stolen. 

Go figure.  Now where are my car keys .........

Till next time, 
c'est la vie xxx 

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