I am fine. We are fine.

You know the jokes that go around about when a woman says "I am fine", in response to a question from a man ..... that he should know that "fine" is sort of a code word for "get away from me before I hit you in the face".

On the flip side, however, fine is also a suitable answer when you know it is the one people want to hear.  They get that glazed look in their eyes when asking how you are because when you say "fine" then they can carry on with their lives.  They don't have to take the conversation further.  Quite frankly, they don't have to care either.

Last night a young girl rode into my hubby's car.  Since the car is insured he knew that despite the inconvenience of having to be without it while it will be in the repair shop, it will be repaired.  And her insurance company will have to cover the excess.  So in his mind it was sorted.  He was really nice to and gentle with the two girls.  She was only a couple of years older than our Jess, and had obviously got the fright of her life.  At home he said to me, "that could have been our daughter, and I would like to think that if she did something like that by accident, some oaf would not stand in the street and scream at her".  Nice guy my husband.

We celebrated the unexpected end to our day by having waffles and ice-cream.  After all that is where we were headed when the accident happened.

Which leads me back to fine.  We seem to say it a lot lately hubby and I.  Because it is true?  No.  Because it is expected.  There are those that we can say it like it is with.  Who don't want to know that we are "fine".   Who give a hug, simply because it is needed.   After the accident I realised that my first thoughts were not .... what a stuff up, what a crappy way to end a lovely relaxing day.  No my first thoughts were, don't say anything on FB, don't comment, only tell 2 people, don't cry, don't let it make you sad, don't don't don't ..... because this is what I am told is the correct behaviour to make me acceptable to some.

I read many blogs, I talk to many people in my job, I hear many sadnesses and joys in any given week of my life, and it always occurs to me that very often in judging others and handing out instructions on what is acceptable is nothing more than people saying "this is what is acceptable to ME", and sadly they do not give out that statement unilaterally.  And many times they do not  practice what they preach.

So in case you wondered, I am fine.  We are fine. Serious.  Just fine. And I suppose given that this is my blog, I am entitled to say so.

c'est la vie. xxx

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