Normal. What is That.

Who gets to decide what is normal in life?
Someone laughed at something I did this week and told me ... "Seriously, you are not normal". 
I think I am normal.  

  • I eat icecream and Smooch through all 4 seasons
  • I am that mom that when we lie watching TV on a weekend and my kids say "a McFlurry would be great now" at midnight, we get in the car and we go to the drive-thru ..... in our pyjamas
  • You can NEVER drink too much cappuccino in a day
  • There is no such thing as loving someone too much
  • When you can love romantically or platonically, knowing their shortcomings and wrongdoings, that is a good thing
  • I cannot possibly be the only person who once arrived at work and discovered that along with my pinstripe suit pants ..... I was still wearing my slippers
  • On Monday I called someone "Sir", only to find out later that it was actually a woman
  • My son dared me to get out of the car at a robot in CR Swart Drive last month... and dance.  I did.  He is still speechless on that issue.  The 2 people in the car behind us hooted and cheered. 
  • I see no point whatsoever in eating olives.  Ditto chicken giblets, liver in all forms and any other "parts"
  • I cannot play the piano.  But that is only because I have never tried. 
  • I can do 47 things at once whilst simultaneously being on the phone.  I find anyone who can't, really strange
  • I am addicted to Candy Crush
  • I think Gerrie Nel has a seriously hot voice.  I think that salt 'n pepper hair on a guy is seriously hot, period.  And if he has nice hands ..... 200 bonus points are awarded
  • Addiction to table tennis is perfectly acceptable
  • I cannot drink anything hot or cold,  if I have not found the centre of the glass / cup with my spoon or straw.  Anyone who knows me well, is acutely aware of this habit.  My BFF cannot relax until I have "found the damn middle".
  • I subscribe to 8 magazines a month.  And read them all 
  • I read a 466 page novel front to back last Sunday
  • I once bought my son a pair of underpants and took them to a cricket match .... page back ..... there is a whole blog about that unfortunate incident
So who the hell decides on normal? 

till soon
c'est la vie xxx

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