Your cross and the results it brings

So in a few hours the voting stations open and a tsunami of South Africans will vote.  
All races, all income groups, all types of supporters ... Each voting for their own reasons for the party of their choice.

But can I ask .... If you hate the waste of your tax money on the Nkandla travesty, if you ardently refuse to pay eTolls, if you were horrified at GuptaGate and the Guptas' relationship with certain Government Ministers, if you are sick and tired of the blatant corruption and overspending, the scandalous increases Eskom is imposing, the biased tenders, the appalling police commissioners, the Marikana coverup and a long list of other reasons why our country is a shadow ..... Then think about where you draw your cross.

And if you vote for those causing this, do not stand near me at a braai and bitch about eTolls, because you obviously are ok with it.

c'est la vie

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