Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Mindfulness and my future introspection

"One of the buzzwords among psychologists and life coaches is the concept of "mindfulness".  More than just a new-age concept, mindfulness is the simple practise of becoming more aware, slowing down and really paying attention to what you are doing, thinking, eating, feeling and even how you are relating to others at any given time.  It can be as simple as choosing to take a break to eat your lunch outside, as opposed to rushed and hunched over your desk, or avoiding multitasking and choosing to focus on one task at a time"  Sunday Times Renew 28 Dec 2014 

Mindfulness seems like a wonderful concept to me .... I thought about it a lot today.  I also thought of what happens when you often put your heart out there .....Because sometimes trying to be all things to all people, multitasking and wanting to be irreplaceable to everyone is a big time waster.  The truth is that many people stop noticing.  You become so reliable and dependable in several spheres of life that it is not even a redeeming feature.  It is what becomes expected of you.  It can pass without a thank you or acknowledgement from some.  Those that display this reliability only occasionally, do not have this problem.  Because it is rare or randomly done, the impact on others is huge as is the thanks.

So mindfulness is going to see me breathe, observe, ponder, hold back, be aware,  but I will never shut myself off.  If this year has taught me something ..... and trust me it was a major battle and very hard for me to learn this ..... is that outgoing, bright and deeply caring are not always as great as you would think ...... because it can be described as too much, loud and hard work by others.   And I no longer want this. 

This is not a New Year's resolution - I have no time for them.... this is a change, I do not even know if it is a change that I want, but it is a change I am prepared to make .... because I learnt the hard way this year. 

I have a friend who blogs as well as an acquaintance who also does.  Both, particularly the latter, have taught me during 2014 that through blogging we can express exactly what we are feeling ... positive or negative or somewhere in between.  It was a great lesson. 

So as quietly as possible I say .... 
Happy New Year. 
May 2015 see you growing as a person with more blessings than you can imagine.  
I wish you the ability to love deeply and acknowledge those that love you
And I wish you mindfulness 

See you on the other side when 2015 arrives

c'est la vie xxx

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