my 2014 list including the most embarrassing moment

Every December, Bloggers who are hosted by Google have a list that goes around asking us for our favourites, our highs and lows, our loves and hates .... so here are my 2014 answers ..... 

TOP HIGHLIGHTS:  Moving into my new office, My daughter's new job in CT, My son's continual wit, changing my job.  

BEST SONG:  Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran

BEST MOVIE:  Gone Girl 

WORST MOVIE: There were several but I will go with Into the Storm and The Counsellor 

STUPIDEST THING SAID BY ME:  whahahahahahaha ..... Not even enough space here.  Probably any sentence I start with "I think ............."

LOW POINT: I know it.  Most people do.  

MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT:  Getting my woollen scarf caught on a man's zip as I was exiting and him entering the Gautrain.  It was a ten minute battle to get it loose.  I had to get back on the train and travel to the next stop. 

BEST BLOG RESPONSE:   Highest readership was for my blog on same-sex orientation.  Followed by the blog on my daughter's luggage for her move to CT  and the one about racism and peanut butter 

BEST RESTAURANT MEAL:  Ummmmm...... not much restaurant eating this year ....... It would be Prue Leith Restaurant where the Fine Dining is excellent and  La Pentola as a 2nd where I had a great lunch. 

BEST COFFEE SHOP:  Three way tie between Abreu, Knead and Carl's Coffee Roastery

BEST READ:  Sandra Brown "Deadline" and "Good morning Mr Mandela" by Zelda le Grange 

FAVOURITE TV SERIES:  Game of Thrones (followed by Greys, Chicago Fire, Blue Bloods, Stalker, Criminal Minds, Major Crimes, Person of Interest) .... oh, we have to give one?

ONE THING YOU WOULD CHANGE ABOUT YOURSELF:  Not allowing myself to be made to feel "lesser than" 



DREAM FOR 2015:  Peace of mind 

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