Monday, 29 December 2014

New Year Resolutions - made to break

So it is THAT time of year.  When we make the list of all those things we are going to change / amend / start / stop / adjust in the New Year which is lying in wait on our doorsteps. 

Problem is that these "items" on the list are usually ones that you have been dragging with you for a number of years now.  Yes, it is possible that sometimes we come up with a unique and new one .... and then actually follow it through.  I too have had a few of those.  

But mostly .... mostly .... the Resolutions are strong and as the hours and days of the new year tick by, so our Resolutions drain away at the same speed. 

Now from chatting to friends, family and acquaintances I have gathered the following: 

  • Diet and weigh loss are almost always the top of the list.  This will be the year that we will eat less, eat healthier, stop carbs, increase protein, cut out sugar, eat 18 portions of fruit and veg a day, ignore the sweets at the tills, drink no coke and stop unhealthy snacking.  We will also join Weigh-Less, Weight Watchers, Diet Injections Inc, Fatbusters, FatLess and everything else.  We will throw copious amounts of cash at them and buy scales, shakers, measuring jugs etc etc.  We will weigh weekly, then monthly, then six monthly and eventually add these items to our already huge pile of Diet stuff. 
  • Exercising more makes the next spot .... Start out slowly .... once around the block at night ,,,, and then build up to 3 hours a day at the local overpriced gym.  Me, like many, are still at the gate, preparing for the once around the block of 2009. 
I also found out that stopping smoking, drinking less and a number of other things followed this amongst my friends. 

I would like to add more fun things like see more movies, drink more cappuccinos, laugh even more, sleep more, panic less .... there are so many. 

But I have decided to try out just one. 

Be on Time. 

till soon 
c'est la vie. 

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