Preparing for Pilgrimage

I am going on pilgrimage to the Holy Land. 

I am going on pilgrimage to the Holy Land. 

I say it twice, because I am still a little overwhelmed about this incredible opportunity that someone has given me. 

A pilgrimage. 

I have read about it.  I have seen programmes about it.  I know many priests who lead pilgrimages.  I work for Fr Chris who is a plethora of info about pilgrimages.  

And now I too am going to have this incredible experience. 

On Thursday I attend Bible Study classes.  Every week for 2 years already.  This class and the ladies who come to share and discuss and learn from Fr C, have formed a close bond.  I honestly feel that I immerse myself in these classes.  

I get completely tearful as the time draws closer because I am overwhelmed by the thought that all the things I have read and all the lessons Fr C has given us, are going to become virtual as he leads us on this trip.  As we read about Jesus crossing the Sea of Galilee by boat, I am in awe as to the fact that I will stand there, seeing that very same water.  The temples we read about will be alive and real to us to drink in with our eyes.  The steps Jesus took to the Last Supper, His birthplace and on and on goes the list. 

I think to come back and return to Bible Study is going to be incredible.  To read from the Bible and to be able to close my eyes and absolutely see and feel and smell and really immerse myself in things that I have seen for real. 

I am blessed beyond words by those that made this possible for me.  I am going to do this trip with every single one of my senses on high alert. 

18 sleeps and counting ..... 

till soon 
c'est la vie  xxx

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