so my bags are packed ....

There was a mini miracle in our home at 6pm tonight .... I packed for my trip, it was uncomplicated and quick, everything in its place and a place for everything .... lots of space left and well below the 23kg allowance.  Accompanying this is my small rugsack and I am not FOR ONCE carrying 100 loose things ranging from jerseys to pens and mags. 

Somehow I cannot get this right if we go somewhere in the province ... but did a remarkable job for an overseas trip. 

I am nervous, excited and apprehensive all at once.  Suddenly at 9pm I decided that I do not want to leave my family.  Then I started missing my daughter in CT.  Then I started wondering who would be sitting on either side of me on the flight ... would I know them, and if not, would they be nice or really flippen irritating? 

I have listened to advice from dozens of people, got wonderful reading material about the Holy Land from three very caring people and today when I was in the Repository I was touched by how many people popped in simply to say goodbye to me.  

So I am ready .... just painting the toes and then off to bed.  The 430am alarm is going to be quite a shock to me tomorrow. 

I have an awesome roomie on the trip, so I am looking forward to that.  I am travelling with a group that I know and with my own parish priest which is special. 

So onwards and upwards .... Tel Aviv ... hope you ready for me. 

Till soon 

c'est la vie xxx 

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