travels and testing relationships

Travelling to the Holy Land can open the eyes and the head to things that perhaps we don't want to accept and make peace with in the daily humdrum of our lives.  This trip has taught me much about relationships.  Ones I arrived with, ones that are longstanding and even new ones made as we travel.  Travelling together 24/7 is an interesting dynamic.  Some friendships cope better than others.  And interestingly I found that some relationships that are each now and then difficult and challenging at home are serene and uncomplicated here.  It is a daily reflection of mine in the quietness to work out why this is because I am unsure how to sustain this when returning to SA and daily life.  It takes effort from all.  I am afraid to lose this momentum.  And then there was a friendship that I had in SA that grew in every direction during this trip ... one that has become a tumble of laughter, joy, our faith, many deep moments of sharing, life experiences ... she has grandchildren ... I still have a schoolchild.  A trip that had her and I together 24 hrs a day and gave us a chance to put strong roots down.  A sharing in which one lesson was driven home to me repeatedly by her ... be me. My roomie - it has been a joy.

I go home on Thurs and will be bearing that in mind.  Love me for me.  Because if I am in your life ... you should cherish me.

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