so are you the laughing, crying, moaning, joyful, angry, silly or thankful one?

Been thoroughly perplexed lately about what makes some people tick.  Or if they tick at all.  

I have a very diversified life ... besides the blogging and the being a wife and a mom and planning a party and trying to read a lot and keeping up with social media and drinking coffee, I also have a job that is very different ... it varies from the phone answering, to buying stock ... from receiving clothes and food for the Outreach to buying cleaning materials ... from Baptism, Funeral and Wedding records and marriage preparation of admin to buying coffee, returning newspapers to suppliers and polishing my desk.  No two days have ever been the same.
For fun I handle a mountain high pile of admin and 213 other things each week pertaining to my job. 

So throughout my life I know and meet and interact with so any people for so many reasons.

Some care a lot and show it
Some care a lot and will rather be pierced in the eyes than let you know it.  Do they tick at all?
Some do not care two hoots and you are very aware of it
Some do not care two hoots and pretend they do, usually whilst skinnering behind your back
Some are nice.  A genuine kind of nice. 
Some are nice.  Because they need something from the person they are being nice to
Some just take you for granted because they think they can
Some just take you for granted because they think you will always be around
Some love you to death 
Some appreciate you 
Some annoy you as much as they are annoyed by you
Some even say thank you when you do something special for them or give something special to them
Some are sad and let you be there for them
Some are sad and take it out on you
Some make you laugh until your sides ache
Some make you so angry you wish their sides would ache
Some make you smile every time you see them. 
Some are sunshine
Some are rain 

Which tick tock are you most of the time? 

till soon
c'est la vie xxx

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