a little bit of crazy. a little bit of fun.

It has been a helluva deurmekaar week so far.  First I left my interior light on in my car which means I had to get it jumpstarted to get to work (not the first time) ... usually leave the car headlights on because my car does not do that ping ping thing if you leave the lights on when you switch car off (annoying).  

Then Samsung confirms once and for all that they will not be covering, under the 1 year guarantee, my screen on my Samsung Siii which stopped working because I "cannot prove I did not drop it".  I tend not to drop something of that price that I paid cash for 6 months ago.  I did mention that they too "cannot prove that I dropped it" (I didn't) but that seemed to have made less than nothing of an impression on telephone person.  So that little repair came with a R2000.47 price tag (cheers Samsung in future).

Then I raced on Monday to pick kids up at school at 5pm, raced home in ridiculous traffic (took an hour to do 22kms) and then planned to dress in ten mins to be back at a cocktail party at school (back 22kms) by 630pm.  #epic fail.  Got home and realised that due to having jumpstarted my car, hubby was running late and he let us out when we left.  Which meant my house key was now ..... yes, in the house.  So there we sat on the pitch dark driveway, waiting for hubby to come from Witbank.  And my jeans and sneakers were definately not "cocktail party wear", so we waited in the dark while Ebony went insane as she could not understand why we came home and did not get out the car for an hour.  (where's my food?).

And so it has gone all week so far, one comical event after another  ....... as Eug tells the children .. "with such a crazy mom it is nothing short of a miracle that you have turned out so well"....... 

till next time
c'est la vie 

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