the suit. the battery. and the woman mechanics

So today I had one of those days which is just ridiculously perfect for a blog entry. 

My car won't start.  3rd time since Fri (when I had to be rescued by my BFF's hubby when I got stuck in Laudium after a soccer match my son played at the opposition's field, about 35kms from his school).  On Fri morning I got rescued by 3 men in the neighbourhood who left their houses and eventually "jumptowed" me when jumpstarting did not work.  #knightsinshiningarmour

Now Fri I waved the bus of the players off gaily after the match at 6pm and then all the moms who had watched and fetched their boys drove off and we jumped in car,turned key and crrrrrrrrr.  That is the noise my battery made.  It was getting dark, we were on a field quite far from the nearest road.  The only beacon of light was KFC down the road.  The groundsman could smell my fear and kindly offered to get out the tractor and jumpstart my car.  Aforementioned tractor tried gallantly but all my car gave in return was crrrrrrrrrr.  So called BFF's hubby who has a workshop not too far from there ..... He brings jumper cables the thickness of a russian sausage and starts it in about 4 seconds.  

I go to my BFF on Sat night (clutching the battery which my hubby has kindly taken out for me).  Her and I watch a movie, drink a ton of tea and put the battery on her hubby's stand alone charger.  (He was away).  Now there was a bit of confusion about the negative and positive charging points (I was right and my informant was wrong.  He shall not be identified in order to protect the innocent hahaha) and when I return to collect my battery on Sunday eve I ask her hubby, who had just arrived back, to check only to find we had the two charging clamps reversed.  He had a good laugh at us.  So I had in fact now reverse charged my battery thus making the + terminal a - and vice versa.  Stuff up.  So poor man had to attach his spot light to my battery and burn it for an hour to deplete my battery so we could recharge it correctly and reverse the polarity again.  

All that and today crrrrrr.  So BFF fetches me, takes me to his workshop, I get a new battery and we return to my car.  Only snag now is that her and I must remove the old battery and install and fit the new one.  I have on a suit.  Armed with 4 spanners.  And my BFF.  My car is in the street so having got verbal tips from her hubby and mine, we open the bonnet and set about removing the old one.  

Let me tell you this .... we fitted the new one, fitted the steels "caps" for the positive side, refitted the terminals and it started FIRST TIME.  Girl power all the way baby.  Within 10 mins.  We made a nifty team and those coming by seemed amused to see a woman in a suit deftly turning off the bolts (while telling myself Righty Tighty and Lefty Loosy so that I turn the bolt in the correct direction).  BFF proved a master in removing and refitting the caps.  

So I get going for a 2nd time this morning and 4 blocks after leaving my house  a guy rides into the back of me at the robot after his brakes failed.  I get out, look at him, look at our cars and say "what the hell dude".  He starts crying.  He is about 30.  I was lucky that I had started to pull away when he hit me so he actually just nudged me.  No damage to my car (God probably realised ENOUGH for today please).  So off I went for the 3rd time. Thank you to the guy in the 4x4 who parked his car and ran over the minute I got bumped.  He was at my side before I even got out.  #knightinshiningarmour

Then tonight coming from Witbank hubby gets a puncture.  

We are like a comedy movie crossed with how many things can go wrong on a Monday. 

The highlight was Jess got accepted at Chef's Academy to study for next 2 years .... so that outshone anything else. 

Vodka anyone?  Or would you like me to fit your battery?

till next time, what will tomorrow bring?
c'est la vie xxx

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