butterflies and weak knees

So, here comes that hormone thing.  No not mine, my son's.  Was I ready yet? No.  Am I having fun yet?  Sometimes.  Do I laugh in my head a lot (more than normal)?  Yes.  Do I bite my tongue a lot?  Probably not as much as I should.  Do I glare at young girls hanging around my son? Not anymore.

When boys get to High School it is not just about having to shave and a whole lot of other "stuff" but it also seems to herald the all consuming awareness of the other people in the world.  Those with skirts and boobs.  Heaven help me but when your son suddenly shoots up to just on 6 foot in height with feet about the same size, has a deep voice like the Godfather and you notice that you never seem to have his attention 100 %, then you know things they are a changing.  

I have noticed that the age of the boys on the soccer team is increasing in seemingly perfect proportion to the number of girls who now come and support the games.  And look .... credit where credit is due ...... they seem to have a working knowledge of the game and are very enthusiastic.  I am sometimes not sure if the shrieks are as a result of them admiring the ball skills, or whether it is a shriek of excitement whilst staring at the thigh muscles of these ever growing super fit boys.  The latter seems more logical. 

On the other hand I have noticed that my son, who captains a sharp hockey team, also has a ever growing interest in "supporting" some of the other sports which are played with those in female sports kits.  I admire his school spirit and supportiveness.  haha.  He always supported other sports teams, since he was young, but somehow I think his motivation now is somewhat more hormone driven.  Gotta love it.  But don't tell him I said that. 

Naturally hubby uses every available moment to tease aforementioned son.  And despite me asking him hundreds of times to let up, he just cannot help himself.  Says it is a dad's job ...... while Nic rolls his eyes and reminds Eug that he has "no idea whatsoever what his dad is talking about".  But he gives his mom the twinkle eye look, coz somehow moms always know. 

So with a sports playing daughter also supporting the boys' teams and a sports playing son supporting the girls' teams ..... whattalotofsportwegot. 

Growing up ........we all did it. 

till next time 
c'est la vie xxx

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