what makes you smile

What makes your heart beat a little faster.  Makes a smile creep up to your mouth when you suddenly think of it.  Makes laughter resonate around your body.  What or who in your life?

Listening to a song of the radio tonight in the car, that one line "what makes your heart beat a little faster" had me thinking most of the way during my trip. 

More importantly I found myself wonder in this fast world do we ever stop long enough to think about it, or them.  Do we place enough importance on those people?  Or do we only realise once they walk away how much of a space they had filled in our lives?

Heart beat a little faster ....... sjoe my list would be pretty varied ...... makes a smile creep up to my mouth ...... ditto ..... 

lemme see .... 

Coffee (anyone surprised) ... hot, strong cappuccino (I am smiling right now) 
Frankie .... who rescues me regularly from all over ..... battery problem, tappet problem, oh damn I put my gearlock on at wrong angle problem ..... only guy lucky enough to have a best friend whose wife always need rescuing (hubby just shakes his head)
The twins .....just too sweet for words and the most charming young gentlemen who have lent me a blackberry for 8 weeks now while i have my ongoing fight with Samsung about my Siii (you have great friends Nic)
KFC ... who make the best damn mash and gravy and coleslaw  .....  and I have been addicted since high school
My friend .... who makes sure that my caffeine intake has a daily limit before I get put onto camomile rations and who understands the complexities of having to wash all that kit (and I have not overfoamed your machine since then) 
Nic and Jessie .... who are able to mimic me to perfection (and no I am not laughing :)  )
  and the list goes on and on and one ...

So tell me ....... who or what makes you smile?  And don't leave it to late to tell them or enjoy it. 

till next time
c'est la vie xx

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