breakups and makeups

Clearly I have lost touch with the teenage world of breakups, makeups, heartache and such.  

My daughter has had an on again, off again relationship with the same guy since gr 9 and she is now in gr 12.  They are a classic case of can't be together and can't be apart, can't live with each other and can't live without each other.  When they are together it eventually does not work, and they part.  When they are apart, it does not work and they want to be together.   It seems that being close friends is the happy place for them. 

But me?  I just cannot seem to get the questions right!!

Daughter crying on bed, "I hate him, I am never speaking to him again". 
Me:  "Yes, he is a total moron and you deserve better (this seemed the sort of supportive mom thing to say)
Daughter:  "Don't say that about him, he was always good to me and you always said you liked him".
Me:  Speechless and Confused 

Daughter, skipping through door:  "We have patched it up, it is so nice together, we laugh all the time"
Me:  "Oh I am so happy for you, I always liked him"
Daughter: "Did you forget how he hurt me before?  I thought you were on my side?"
Me:  Speechless and Confused 

Daughter looking half happy, half sad: "He was weird today, sat with me, but not really talkative like normal"
Me: "Well he is a total moron and you deserve better but I am sure it will be ok tomorrow and I am happy for you and I always liked him"

well you can fill in the rest from here ..... and yes, still Speechless and Confused. 

Was it this complex when I was 18?  My mom says no because I never tied myself down in Matric, although I was dating a guy when the Matric Dance rolled around.  He arrived to fetch me in a green what looked like shiny polyester suit coupled with brown Grasshoppers.  If you are too young to know what Grasshopper shoes are, it is probably better.  I spent most of the night dancing with my ex who went with a friend of mine who decided she liked Grasshopper boy way more, so everyone was happy.  It was shortlived however as my ex, he who was the First Team rugby captain of a prestigious Pta school, called me and said "I need to tell you, I think I am gay".  Well that was great for my self-esteem because he NEVER seemed to have problems dating me. 

So on 2nd thoughts, it seems way more complicated when I was young. 

Motherhood, gotta love it!!!

till next time
c'est la vie xxx

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