Getting to know you .... Getting to know all about you

The popular lyrics from "The King and I" in which it is sung "Getting to know you, putting it my way, but nicely, you are precisely, my cup of tea" came to mind this past week. 

I got to meet and briefly spend time with 2 people that I previously only knew by name.  But sometimes you meet people and the "like" button is instantly pressed.  And with us it was.  Ten minutes after arrival you would have sworn we were old friends and within 2 hours we had covered a range of topics and "get to know you's" that would have rivalled anything on a meet and greet site.  And when someone is pulling the mickey out of you regularly, then you know you are on a good wicket.  When I was told my one brake light was not working and I (stupidly) said "mine?" .... he replied "no you fool, your car's".  Now since he knew me only 48 hrs he had to be pretty sure that I was going to laugh.  And I did.  

And it made me think about the people we meet along the way, and the impact some of them have on our lives.  On my still ongoing Lifeline course, I got to know parishioners better that I have been going to Mass with for years .... I knew their names and where they worked and one or two other things, but now I now all kinds of stuff about them and have made some new acquaintances and even close friends amongst those people in the class that I speak to daily.   
Included in here is someone whose family I have been friends with for 13 years .... and I have seen her for years at the Church and NOW I found out how terrific she is. 

And I have met new youngsters, some of whom I had found a bit unapproachable previously now are becoming talkative and more interactive as they get to know me.  

And then there are those who aren't ..... one very "clicky" group in particular .... but you know what?  It does not matter ..... it takes a lot of kinds of nuts to make up a box of chocolates and we are all there.  And life is too short to spend with people who don't want to bother to get to know you before they make a judgement call, there are more than enough other friendly faces around. 

So back to the original couple ..... we did such an amazing amount of sharing in 3 days and there have been some messages back and forth since they went back home and sometimes people say "I will mail you" and you already know whether they will or not, and they will.  

I also revived a friendship with another parishioner with whom I had always had good laughs, but we never chatted enough for a while and these last two weeks it has been so great to laugh with her again. 

And it reminded me of what dear Flick told me ...... hold what is precious close and let the rest go.  Baggage, people who don't matter, whatever ..... just let go.  

So I am learning faster and faster how many new and wonderful people come into your life ..... at exactly the moment God intended them to ...... and what a beautiful world they open up to us. 

Look at me now  .......  just like a butterfly. 

So go on ..... look around you ....... at just the right moment someone life-changing will come along ..... grab the chance!  As the bumper sticker says "It is only some people that make you wanna punch them in the face". 

Till next time, 
c'est la vie xxx 

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