Moms & plasters for hearts

So I asked a good friend of mine this week where moms go to hide and gather their thoughts.  He said he had no idea.  Well quite frankly ...... if you know please tell me. 

Certainly not at work where I go 100kms per hour thinking and phoning and negotiating and begging and writing and .... now that I think about it my life is pretty much 100km per hour and 100 % throwing myself into everything, all the time. 

And I wondered again this week ...... where do we get the wisdom and the strength to pick up the pieces when things break our children's hearts.  No matter whether they are big or small, their hearts always come to us for healing.  I have a simple philosophy in life ...... I always give advice, you can cry on my shoulder 500 times, I will lead you and guide you ..... but every now and then we have to watch our kids do something we think may end in a little heartbreak, because the life lesson is invaluable and because a blanket "no" to that little road would never demonstrate the lesson (and I am not talking about any life changing or illegal situations haha), and then we wait .... we wait for the inevitable ....... and we pick up the pieces.  And we make sure not to say "I told you so", because I remember being 18 and 14 and I know how many of the "absolutely catastrophic" things that happen at those ages, end up being just a hitch on life's road when you are all grown up. 

So till then, I hide, in the bath under bubbles, behind my book and under my duvet, gathering my thoughts, I look for wisdom from my bff, my hubby and my ever wise priest, I drown my sorrows in endless cups of cappuccino and keep telling myself ...... this too will pass.  Not just for them ..... but for me too. 

No matter what we do
(no matter what we do)
No matter what they say
(no matter what they say)
When the sun is shining through
Then the clouds won’t stay
And everywhere we go
(everywhere we go)
The sun won’t always shine
(sun won’t always shine)
But tomorrow will find a way
All the other times (Christina Aguilera)

Till next time, 
c'est la vie and much love xxx 

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