No. New word for Me.

Now I have never been really good with the word No.  
My family tell me that I am exceptionally good at Yes and seem to have no ability whatsover to keep my hands down when someone asks questions such as "Who can help with ....", "Who is able to ........", "Who can find time to ......" and a myriad of other such questions. 

I don't mean the Yes and No answers that one gives in your chosen daily bread and butter jobs, I don't mean the Yes and No answers that my kids get when they ask me questions on a number of subjects ... "No you may not get your nose pierced and a tattoo of Who's your Mother on your arm". 

Now the problem with this is that you open yourself to misuse and abuse of your willingness to help.  Some people assume that you are the "go to" person .... permanently.  And I am, but I am taking a bold step in the No direction by now being more selective about my yes' ... simply for that one word I love so much ... Appreciation  ..... oh and those other 2 sweet words ... Thank you.  For those two categories I will put my hand up and will continue to do so.  I don't want the sickly sweet fall over your feet and fawn over me false sort of appreciation and thank you.  I simply want the sincere one that says "you make a difference". 

This week I put it to the test, someone checked with me if I would do something.  No, in fact they assumed it and when I said No, they were actually about twenty steps away from me before they turned and said "No????".  The person looked as if they would need medical assistance.  And do you know how good it felt?  Because I got tired of giving my all and then finding it was sorta expected of me with no gratitude.  Those two words again ... Thank you ..... which I hear as I appreciate what you do, you make a difference and that is important.  

I manage to use those words frequently ...... they roll over the tongue quite easily ........ try it. 
And I will continue to do anything and everything for those that appreciate me ...... so if you get a No. ....... well let it be food for thought. 

c'est la vie

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