Finding your happy places

What do you love in life?  Have you thought about it.  When it comes to a lifetime of work and dreams and people, tepid is not a good idea.  Nor is hot, enough.  You have to live and work and love with passion and a ridiculous amount of joy.  On Friday night at a soup evening someone told me that I enter a room with a bang.  I loved it.  I would rather do that than slide in like a damp squid.  

How much time do you spend doing the things you love?  You need to, no matter your age, grab and hold onto something that makes you feel happy.  Whether it be a job, a book, a person, a life experience, whatever.  I am unashamedly spontaneous and enthusiastic.  I no longer make excuses for it.  I have found a whole lot of new things and people this year that make me want to rush out and completely emerse myself in it and them.  I call it my happy places.  I don't want to get old wondering if I should have, could have and all the other have's.  I want to know that I did.  I don't want to wonder if I make a difference to people.  I know that I did.  And I do. 
Is it always so wonderful, sunshine filled, ridiculously amazing and joyful?
Somedays it is downright horrible. 
But you brush yourself off and carry on, because the days on which I truly live my life, far outnumber the days on which I don't, normally as a result of someone or something buggering it up for me.  Or as a good friend of mine terms it, a windy day. 
I want to make a difference.  And when I leave the world one day in that coffin that my friends are going to cover in glitter, I want to know that I leave a ridiculously shimmering place behind in people's hearts, where I used to be. 
till whenever ...... 

c'est la vie xxxx 

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