me + samsung S3 = disaster

My dear Samsung S3 is now hanging on by a thread.  A tiny one.  After my blog a couple of weeks ago that I had managed to set the corner of my 11 month old phone alight, by putting it down on my novel, on a table full of burning candles and then dozing off, much to the amusement of the local Vodacom store, I now managed to accidentally drop it 2 days ago and naturally it will not fall with the cover facing down ... oh no .... it has to land screen down ... and shatter the screen .... only for Samsung to tell me the screen is not covered by the warranty and costs ..... wait for it ..... R2 100 to replace.  That is on top of the R2 000 I paid when the phone was 6 months old and their wonderful S3 screen stopped working ... also that was not covered .... in case it was dropped .... and that time it wasn't ... so now 11 months after I bought it, I have spent almost the same value on repairs.  Go Samsung!!

So now I may be forced to seek "alternate sources" of phone repair people, may be cheaper, may last less time, but will at least not look like it does now .... a professional businesswoman arriving at a meeting with the corner of her phone burnt and her screen shattered .... really screams "successful" to those I am in contact with. 

So now I am on the prowl for a phone .... as my phone is also my office, it has to have all the bells and whistles, but as an NPO worker it has to come at not all the bells and whistles price. 

So if you win one, have one lying around, donate one, find one lying somewhere weird, manufacture them or whatever else option you have ... please contact the writer, all solutions accepted with love. 

till next time, 
c'est la vie xxx 

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