Simply Smiling and Sweating

Zumba.  The word conjures up images of hip swaying dancing, bongo drums, feathers, beaded tops and smouldering Latin men.
Now come down to earth ........

Zumba ..... Is actually aerobics done to gyrating Latin American music .... Think lunges to Latino music .... Jumping to Jennifer Lopez.  It is for all ages, all sexes .... But it is intense ... We sweat, we sway ..... We love the song Look at My Body ..... I workooooooout.

Zumba is also fun, social, toning, heart racing, invigorating ..... Along with other words like panting, dying, crawling, drinking litres of water, falling into your vehicle afterwards etc.  But smiling.

There are weeks when I carry a copy of my Last Will and Testament in my car cubbyhole so that my daughter, dancing next to me, has easy access to it when I go into cardiac arrest.  Luckily our priest lives next to the hall in case of emergency and I have him on speed dial.

And then there is Simone aka our Ringmaster, Instructor, Chief Whip.  She is Fun with a capital F.  Fit and full of enthusiasm she drives us through the moves ... Reminding us to smile.  She thinks up a theme for every week which we enthusiastically embrace.  We have gone through Traditionally SA, Carnival, All in Pink!, Bows Galore and this week Dress to Match your Personality, which should be fun.  I was planning on demure and quiet .... When Simone finished laughing she said perhaps I misunderstood the Theme.

Now let's be clear.  I hate gym.  I have all kinds of body issues which find me going around that rotating entrance bar thing only to keep going and wind myself back out again.  Gym clothes are made it seems for thin people and I don't enjoy going on the treadmill whilst my entire body parts shift from their intended location to any other location.  Then they suggested the rowing machine.  Listen peeps if I had a burning desire to row I would get an inflatable boat and do it in my pool.
Ditto for machines where you lie on your back whilst pushing a square, weight loaded metal thingy into the air.  I can lie on my lounge floor and push my Alsatian up should the need arise.

So Zumba it is, every week.  It is exercise.  It does not require a gym bunny look or outfit.

And we smile.  I never smile on the rowing machine.

Till next time
c'est la vie xxx

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