Christmas comes early ..... why?

And boom ..... the silly season is blossoming in the stores already.  As early as the second week in October the shopping malls, retailers and anyone else who owns a piece of tinsel jumped onto the bandwagon.  And I still don't get it.  I would if the packing out of the trees and baubles and the playing of the Boney M rendition of Drummer Boy started on the 1st of December .... but October?  I arrived at a popular mall in the Eastern suburbs on 11 October and lo and behold at the entrance, an obscenely high fir Christmas tree adorned in splendour, glittering in the blazing South African sun whilst the faux snow looked sad.  Probably embarrassed .... don't get a lot of snow in Lynnwood Road methinks. Especially in October. 

And then the chocolates.  Lindt really has gone all out ..... Reindeer, Father Christmas, Baubles ... you name it ..... available in the entrance of every more fancy supermarket ... displayed proudly, at a premium price ..... in October.  Along with Christmas biscuits, fruits, candies, mince pies, decorations, more faux snow and so on. 

Here is a plan.  Why don't we put up our trees at the end of September, then we can beat the deadline of 1 October.  Faux snow spray is available readily, let us cover our windows so that the 35 degree South African sun can bake it into the glass.  Let's start the mayhem of spending .... overspending ..... as much money as we can on lavish gifts and don't forget the food~!!!! 

Or here is a really stupid idea ...... let's put our trees up in December, let's play meaningful Christmas carols, let's have a nativity scene and remind our children of the purpose, let's use some of our money for those who are struggling in life .... and there are many ...... let's eat less and share more ..... let's open our homes on Christmas Eve to someone that has no-one and would be alone that night ..... let's take time to go to church, even more than once, let's pray for the very reason that we have this celebration in the first place.  Let's read the bible about this wonderful moment. 

Let us put Christ back into Christmas.  And sit with joy under our tree, and share our gifts and have a reasonable meal ..... but let us do it all for the right reason. 

Till next time
c'est la vie xxx  

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