seriously not cycling

Yesterday one of my closest friends rode in the 94.7 cycle challenge.  In the searing heat.  On a bike naturally.  On hot tar.  In lycra sort of material.  I applaud him. 

Now there are a number of reasons why I did not ride in the cycle race.

  • Firstly I do not own a bike.  My hubby had one that I rode on now and then.  Actually it was quite a bit more then and hardly ever now.  
  • When I park my car at work and get out in the searing heat, I find it challenging to walk from my car to my office.  I don't know if I could even cycle from my car to my office. 
  • You have to get up really really early to train in the weeks and months prior to the race.  I find it really really difficult to drag myself out of bed to brush my teeth, let alone get on a bike. 
  • I am always looking for my cellphone, glasses, car keys, office keys and parking mall tickets.  Having a bike means there would just be one more thing that I could not find in the morning. 
  • When doing the Spar Ladies Race, my greatest aggravation is the fact that the back of the queue at the starting line is about 3km from the actual starting line.  This almost doubles the distance of the race.  In a cycle race of this magnitude, I would in other words, already have to drop out of the race due to exhaustion, roughly 2m after passing the starting line. 
  • And then there is the stopping.  I seem to be incapable of braking and getting my feet onto the ground timeously when on a bike.  I either bring them down too early, thereby almost ripping them off at the ankles, or I bring them down too late, which means the bike stops and you simply just keel over, bike and all.  Tar hurts. 
And then lastly.  The cycling outfit.  I mean seriously???? Cycling pants are right up there with Speedos.  Getting me into the cycling outfit I would imagine would be almost as much of a challenge as getting me into a wetsuit.   I would be so fear struck to walk in front of people, I would be the only one cycling in jeans and a tshirt. 

So I will cheer, encourage and be excited for my friends.  I will post their photos and praise them.  I will lovingly stroke their bikes and be enthusiastic when their numbers etc arrive for the race.  I will not cycle.  Some things are just meant to have spectators. 

Till soon 
c'est la vie xxx

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