the taller child and travel

So the taller child is leaving for his overseas sports tour in 12 days.  Excitement is now moving towards fever pitch level.  I am green.  With jealousy.  A flight to Dublin via Dubai, touring through Ireland whilst playing hockey.  Then off to London sightseeing with Madam Tussauds, West End Theatre, London Eye etc all on the cards and in addition Nic is spending his well saved money to use for tours to the soccer stadiums of Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool.  Also the Beatles Museum.  And pens for his mom. Next he moves on to Manchester where he is for quite a few days whilst playing soccer.  Soccer.  That 5 letter word that rules his life.   

The exchange rate is brutal.  It is hard for any teenager to understand that when you sweat and save R3000 you in actual fact have a couple of hundred pounds if you are lucky.  But save he did, and he is going to be glad of that now. 

I have been away from him for 15 days before, but somehow when he is down at the coast with gran and grampy you know you can speak daily and that he is "close".  But this far ..... mmmmmm ..... going to miss him terribly.  

I think packing within the luggage restriction is going to be tricky .... own clothing, soccer kit, hockey kit, togs, shin pads, mouth guards, thick socks ...... it is going to be a challenge.  Probably just as well Jess is out of school because she would never manage this restriction thing ... her matric vac packing was enough of a challenge for her for the flight ").  Also I am reminding him constantly that he needs to leave enough space and weight for my pens he must bring back.  

So it is holidays now .... Nic can play xbox until the sun rises and then sleep until the sun sets.  And in between he can eat everything in sight. 

Oh the life of a teenager. 

till soon
c'est la vie xxx

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