wheezing. board games and onesies

So yesterday my entire day (in fact month) was made by one simple thank you gesture made by one small group of people for something I had done.  The gesture was completely surprising and very generous and was quite successful in giving my bronchitis chest a well needed little jump!

Today I returned to the Homes for the first time in 9 days, clutching a Fournos bakery box (yes sacrilege I know since my daughter is a chef), bearing chocolate brownie biscuit cookie things for my colleagues ...... it was met with the normal resounding cheer that NPO staff give when anything arrives to boost their daily intake of not very exciting Ricoffy.  It was nice coming back.  Even to those who did not notice I was gone (says she whilst coughing up more phlegm).  

I miss my boss.  A lot.  She is visiting her family in Australia.  Every alternate year or so when she goes, it becomes a long month and a bit without her.  She knows me, she knows my job, she knows how I operate ....... I feel like a wheel nut has fallen off the wheel at the moment.  Luckily it is not so long anymore. 

There is a lady outside on the patio, she has come to play a game with some of our residents.  It appears to be a mix between Mensch (a German game) and Uno (a much loved game in my house).  There is a lot of shrieking going on.  It is delightful to watch from my office window as the residents carefully count out the moves on the playing board and wait to hear the "instruction" for that block.  Why can life not be so uncomplicated all the time?

Tonight the taller child is working at the Spur for 4 hours as a "runner".  Last time they can fundraise for their sports tour which is now less than 3 weeks away.  Kudos to the UK Visa Dpt who not only have some of the most efficient staff I have ever met (impressive, as the staff are all locals), they did his visa in 5 working days.  I suppose for R1500 I should expect no less.  Nic is chomping at the bit to get on that plane.  His mind has just one thing on it ...... he is going to play football with his team in Manchester.  What more could a boy who plays soccer for 3 teams and trains 6 days a week, want?

And Lent?  Lent goes on ...... I have had to miss some of the 6am masses and some of the evening classes thanks to my wheezing chest, but as Fr Chris said ..... the last 2 weeks lie ahead .... make the most of your Lenten commitments.  That is just before he likened Lazarus' shroud to a "onesie".  Got to love our priest for making things real. 

enjoy Tuesday,
till soon 
c'est la vie xxx

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