did you hear .......

Rumours.  Half truths.  Half stories.  Supposed facts. One-sided versions.  Call them what you like ..... we all hear them and we mostly repeat them.  Sometimes without even considering what we know about the person as a fact, without thinking for a second about whether or not it may be true ...... Scandal is such a fun thing .... and the bigger the group, the more ears to listen ... 

Recently a friend of mine got entwined in such a little game ..... one or two people who think they know it all ....... narrow minded ...... uninformed, unenlightened, half facts and half truths.  People who break the rules and then try and enforce them afterwards.  A dangerous game for all.  People who don't deal one on one with the involved parties but prefer to use the "loudhaler" method ..... Blurt out your correctness and other people's shortcomings to all and sundry.  And one person tells another .... and another ...... and each one adds a little 1% "new bit" to the story.  It is this kind of recklessness that leads to pandemonium, misperceptions, incorrect judgements and unnecessary drama .... 

Ivory towers are very much in the forefront of my mind ...... doing something in a new way, or a different way or a more modern way is not always a bad thing ..... much is to be learnt by keeping up with the times.  But often those in the ivory towers have to be dragged along kicking and screaming. 

And so it is easier to take the moral high ground and make someone else the scapegoat. .... to cover our shortcomings but projecting them on someone else. 

Makes me angry ...... this person did not deserve it ......... but karma ...... man she is a real bitch. 

till next time
c'est la vie xx

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