Temporary empty nest

My daughter has finished Matric.  She laid out her clothes with great excitement and packed her bag.  She then said "we can take 35kg hey mom?"  ... My heart nearly stopped ....We breathed a huge sigh of relief when she stood on the scale clutching aforementioned bag and it was 20kg for the bag.  On the dot.  The cutoff weight for luggage on an airline.  She then rustled up her hand luggage .... With her bottle of wine for their first night ...... You have to think ahead if you gonna land after the stores close.  We were always good planners in this family.

I have promised not to contact her all the time.  I have been impressive .... Even she says so.   I have called her once since Sunday .... The 2nd time was because she asked me to.   Because her camera got stolen. Out of a bag around her body. In a crowded nightclub.  Karma is a bitch and she will find you thief.  I wait for her to whatsapp in the morning and in the evening I say hi and send some whatsapp pics of the sea and cocktails and stars and smiley faces.  She is having a ball .... Relaxing ..... Laughing and getting exactly the break she deserves.  She is responsible and I am lucky .... Because I can trust her and the girls staying with her.   She is learning that grocery spending has a limit and eating out a budget .... She is watching the sunrise on the beach and dressing to go out when many others are dressing for bed.  She is 18 and alive.  What a blessing.

Now tomorrow Nic is going to pack.  It is a car trip so the mandatory cutoff is not 20kg.  But in a car with his friend and my parents and stuff for a week in a game park the luggage cutoff may well be 6kg.   Nic is a relaxed packer.  No laying out everything on the bed off a list like his sister.  Then making a second list of what the leftover items are to be added last eg toothbrush.  Nic opens a bag and puts in stuff.  And then nonchalantly says "mom pls call out the kind of stuff I should have".  As long as he has a soccer ball, cricket bat and Dev I don't think leaving behind his towel will faze him.  I don't have to worry about too much contact ... I will get one whatsapp a day.  To keep me happy.  But I will be restrained and not call every day.  After all he is with his grandparents.

And then it is just me and Eug.   We are going to two movies on the weekend ... Back to back .... Stopping only to refill our popcorn and drink inbetween .....Each choosing one movie.   Because we can.  Because exams are done.  School is closed.  Life is good.

Till next time
c'est la vie. Xxxx

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