Emotional Eating & Slaying my Addiction

I am an emotional eater. 
I am emotional.
I am an eater. 

I am all 3 but not always at once. 

I realised now as I enter the 4th week of the #brainsurgeonsdiet #16weekchallenge, that just as Dr Adriaan says in his book - I will never be a thin person.  I will lose weight, yes, and I may "become" a thinner person / thin person but I will always be a "former fat person".  As a food addict & sugar addict (which is even different from just being overweight or eating too much), I am now getting to grips with the extent of that addiction and as my exercise regime increases, and my weight decreases, I realise that what he says is very true.  I will always have to be vigilant, I will always have to keep my kilojoules in check and count them, I will always have to maintain the exercise.  

Just like any other addiction (and yes I am aware that other addictions are way more seriously taken), I cannot walk away from the "former" title.  Food and sugar addictions lead to diabetes, iron problems, back and neck problems, insomnia, cardiac problems - you are always a candidate for a heart attack or stroke, palpitations and even blackouts.  So in my mind, this addiction is also a killer. 

Perhaps this has changed my mindset about this eating plan - perhaps the fact that 6 weeks ago I woke up in the middle of the night with such a pain in my heart area and over my shoulder into my back that I actually believed I might be having a heart attack.  The fear that gripped me as I lay there for the following 3 hours was enough to drive me to action.  Telling me that I eat too much was pointless and futile because I had to see the health dangers myself.   I am doing this primarily for the health benefits - and there are many which I am already reaping.  The change in how I look however, has greatly added to my confidence. 

I am not doing this because being thinner makes me more acceptable to some people.  I am not doing this because I need to fit in.  I am not doing this because of any negative comments I have faced from people.  I am doing this for me.  And for my kids.  Because I know they would like me to still be around for quite some time.  

An interesting addition to this whole eating plan has been the reaction of people.  I was interested to see that people who had in the past always enjoyed making jibes about my weight, unfitness, wobbly bits etc etc always had time to comment regularly prior to me starting this.  Now that I am exercising and have lost 7kg, they do not spend the same amount of time cheering me on.  I realise now that the fun is taken away for bullies when the target changes.  

So do it for yourself, but hold close to you those that make up your "cheerleading" team ... I have 6 - and they are positive, motivating, interested and help drive me in a good way.  And when I battle ... they gently nudge if needed.  They notice the weight loss and what more can a girl want than to meet her BFF for coffee and she sends a Whatsapp to say "Totally slipped my mind to tell you my daughter got a car - I did not recognize you - new hair and getting so thin - you look stunning".  Elm you a gem - you make me feel 20kg lighter.

So into week 4 I am.  
Watch this space. 

Till next time
c'est la vie xxx

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